Food and wine itineraries in Tuscany

The true flavors of Tuscan cuisine

Tuscan food and wine itineraries are also those offered by Rossodisera, where a friendly and attentive team is ready to provide its guests with all the necessary information on the best events taking place in the area. It is a well known fact that Tuscany is a rich and fascinating area offering beauty, authenticity and all the best of the Tuscan lifestyle. Food and wine itineraries in Tuscany ranging from exclusively wine tasting events, to itineraries that feature all the authentic flavours of meat and cheese, as well as the fresh local vegetables. You can take advantage of bio and delicious cuisine featuring locally grown products, and savour the wholesome flavours of produce grown under the beautiful Tuscan sun.

The Food and wine itineraries in Tuscany allow all lovers of good food and good wine to discover tasty dishes and extraordinary wines.

The cultural diversity, natural beauty, local food and wine, provides the tourist with a host of delights. In addition to gastronomic delights offered by Rosso di sera there are many different wine and food events organized in every town and city in the area throughout the year. The owner recommends visiting the actual production sites and actually meeting the local producers themselves.

As part of the guided tours offered by the different organization, it is possible to arrange personalized tours that can also include sampling the local products. Many events are related to the wine world (primarily the traditional festivals) are organized both over the weekends and weekdays.

Tuscany is also known for its medieval and Renaissance towns, its archaeological sites, villas, and the sixteenth-century gardens. While the local cuisine features characteristic flavours, typical of a fairly basic range of foods, but always appreciated for its simplicity and authenticity.

Tuscan cuisine, especially that of Arezzo, given the geographical position of this area, is considered a unique blend of tastes and smells with the right degree of simplicity. One of the traditional dishes is acquacotta (which comes from the Maremma area) made up of four basic ingredients: stale homemade bread, locally grown vegetables, primarily spinach (together with potatoes, tomatoes, onions), extra virgin olive oil. Eggs added for the gourmets. A simple dish that represents the authentic gastronomic tradition of this area and its abundant local produce.

Tuscany is a beautiful land, with hospitable people and a strong and undeniable historical tradition. The beauty of the local area is everywhere and has the most diverse forms, from its meandering hills, clear streams not to mention the sun-kissed ploughed fields.

Among the most popular local products grown in the fertile plains that are worth a special mention they are: artichokes, tomatoes, fennel and asparagus. Typical of this area is an extraordinary flower: the sunflower. What you always see in postcards and in films set in Tuscany. A flower that grows in abundance beneath the beautiful sun shining on this beautiful earth. enriched by a wide gastronomy with succulent meat and fish dishes but also cheeses and jams (or honey) to go with them. Not to forget the typical “bruschetta”, the which is a kind of “oiled bread”, that is, the slices of bread drizzled with locally produced oil, garlic and salt. Real treat typical aperitif in the bistros. As for sweets: there are traditional specialities, such as the local doughnuts with a characteristic odor of cinnamon or cantucci with vin santo. So many wines worthy of mention (Chiana Valley Chardonnay, Grechetto Chiana Valley, Cortona Syrah ...), in short a host of excellent red and white DOC wines, which are not to be missed. Not to mention other typical farming traditions: beekeeping, cattle breeding.

Every occasion is a good opportunity for a celebration in Tuscany, from the end of autumn to the spring harvest, there is always a culinary tradition or patron, or architectural beauty to celebrate. The secret to understanding Tuscany is to travel around it. To get to know Tuscany you need to get lost in its streets, slowly savour its delicious dishes while enjoying a good wine, but you also need to get lost in its country roads and end up contemplating the extensive natural landscape whether by day or by night…

Mountain walks, the sea, spa treatments, wildlife, Tuscany is something for every taste.

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