Tuscan tourist farmhouse

A magical atmosphere

A Tuscan tourist farmhouse, is a wonderful way of re-establishing contact with nature. This is also thanks to the careful and courteous attention given by the family, showing you the true and authentic life of a tourist farmhouse in Tuscany.

The cosy and relaxing Rossodisera Farmhouse was founded in June of 2011 although the farm has been run by the family since the World War, the owner’s daughter Cristina VecchiettiPoltri took over the farming enterprise in 1992. The VecchiettiPoltri, come from one of the oldest noble families Florence, dating back to the period of Dante Alighieri, and cited in a passage of the "Paradise" section of the Divine Comedy.

This is how the farming enterprise began with its 10 hectares of land dedicated to the cultivation of wheat, corn, sunflower and an excellent extra virgin olive oil.

Thanks to her tenacity and perseverance combined with the support of Mario, her partner, she has been able to provide guests not only a farmhouse setting but a true haven, of what was most dear to VecchiettiPoltri family: Hospitality.

It is distinguished by two particular features, beginning with the warm hospitality given to the guests so that the place immediately begins to feel like home. Not to mention the evening sunsets, from which you understand the name given to the farmhouse Rossodisera - the typical color of the sunset accompanied by a welcome glass of red wine among friends. Creating a magical atmosphere that leaves its mark on everyone, guests and owners alike.

The charming location slowly reveals its beauty to its guests. The Rossodisera farmhouse is located in the heart of Tuscany, in one of the most beautiful and attractive areas of the Chianti hills. A breathtaking view point from which to enjoy all the natural beauty awaits you. Cristina, with her characteristic easy-going Tuscan nature, is ready to welcome you. The ideal place for a relaxing break as demonstrated by the comfort of the apartments that make for an unforgettable holiday.

There are also two delightful, and well –behaved dogs which are part of the VecchiettiPoltri family: Duccio and the Dragon, the first a pure breed white West Highland terrier while the second a lively "tarot" terrier, which always follow Cristina around, not to mention the three Amiantina breed of donkeys named Oliva, Camillo and Pierino and you just have to observe them to understand their nature. The owners are always at hand to provide a warm welcome and wonderful hospitality, so that the guests become loyal friends who return every year. Rosso di sera is ready to welcome you for a relaxing and fun holiday.

The farmhouse gladly welcomes small-sized pets. English and French is also spoken to cater to foreign tourists.

For more information, reservations, just call number 0575 361164. Also visit our Facebook page, Twitter and TripAdvisor.